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“Cookies” are small pieces of text files stored in the user browser when visiting a website. The information stored on the user's computer may contain data such as the pages visited by the user, the date and time of the visit as well as a random and unique user identification number.

We use “cookies” to improve the operation of, your correct browsing, your easy connection and your smooth moving to its individual pages. At the same time, “cookies” allow us to present a promotional and training content relevant to your interests and needs.

“Cookies” also help us to analyze how visitors use our website; how they navigate and weather find it difficult. In this way we can constantly optimize the operation of e-shop and deal with any problems that may arise. All the information collected from these “cookies” is anonymous and is used only to improve your own purchasing experience, the structure and content of the .

Who uses the information stored in “cookies”?

The information stored in the “cookies” of our website is used exclusively by us, with the exception of some "cookie-others," which they use and manage outside companies to provide us with services we seek to improve the user's services and experience when he comes to our website. The main services for those who use these cookies are to obtain statistical access and guarantee the payment transactions carried out.


1) Essential “Cookies”

They allow the execution of key functions of the site, such as adding products to the basket the electronic payment and storage of products in the wish-list. Without these absolutely necessary “cookies”, it is directly affected by the smooth operation of e-shop but downgrading and your personal navigation experience of a basic e-commerce function undergoes.

2) Performance “Cookies”

Performance “cookies” collect information on how visitors use the website. They allow us to see what pages they visit more often or show us whether they are facing a problem during navigation. These cookies do not collect information identifying the visitor. All the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. Only used to improve the operation of

3) Cookies functionality

These “cookies” "memorize" your preferences during your tour of our site so that we can offer you suitable products on the basis of your needs so that you can find much easier what you are looking for.

4) Cookies of Advertising

These “cookies” are used to give advertisements relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to send advertising or tenders that respond more to your needs, with a view to reducing mass, unwanted and unintentional advertising messages. At the same time, they help us to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

5)Cookies Analytics

It is a subset of “cookies” functionality and enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of the different functions of our site, so as to continually improve the experience we offer you.

In particular:

Third suppliers, including Google, may display the Company's advertisements on websites on the Internet.

Third suppliers, including Google, may make use of “cookies” for updating, optimizing and displaying advertisements based on a previous user visit on .The can also make use of cookies from a previous visit to its marketing web site.

Users can choose their exclusion from such use of cookies from Google here. You can configure your Browser, inform you every time before taking a cookie and decide for it or reject it. In this case, you are aware that you may not be able to use all of its capabilities.

The can use Google Analytics' functions for promotional advertising (e.g., runoff marketing, Google emergence reports, integration of the Doubleclick Manager and reports of demographic data and interests).

Using advertising regulators, visitors can be excluded from Google Analytics for promotional advertising and adapt to Google's ads.

Here are the available opt-outs of Google Analytics for website.  complies with Google AdWords advertising policy and restrictions on sensitive categories and uses Google Analytics for internet advertising.

The and third suppliers, including Google, use an original manufacturer with a cookie from a third party (such as Google Analytics) and cookie-third party (such as cookie DoubleClick), for information, optimization and display of advertisements, in line with previous visits by some users on its website.

The and third suppliers, including Google, use an original manufacturer with a cookie from a third party (such as the cookie, Google Analytics) and cookie third party (such as cookie DoubleClick), for the purposes of reporting on how appearances of , other uses of advertising services and interactions with these advertisements and advertising services are related to visits on the website of 

The may use Google-based advertising or common third party data (such as age, sex and interests) with Google Analytics.

We have the right to change this cookie policy any time. Please identify the item "REVIEW" at the top of this page to see when this “Cookies policy” was last revised. Any changes to this “Cookies policy” will apply from the moment the revised “Cookies Policy” becomes available on the website.

Advertisers of third parts and other businesses that we cooperate may use their “Cookies” to collect information about your activities on our website. We do not control those “Cookies”.