Free Shipping over 150€


I have just made my order and I wish to cancel it / amend, what can I do?

The modification of orders is not possible in our system. If you do not want to keep the products, after receiving your order free of charge, refer to the "Returns" section for further information.

Can I return the items purchased online?

Yes, you can always change your mind at and return items for free. It is sufficient, simply, to communicate by phone to + 30 2614009936 or to + 30 6943159951 or by email to [email protected] reporting the incident. We note that refunds are not accepted if no telephone or electronic communication has been made.

Do I have to pay for my return?

No, the return of the order is free of charge. assumes all reimbursement costs. It should be noted that in the case of a re-order - after reimbursement - the shipping costs are charged to the recipient.

Is it a possible return of money?

The does not undertake the return of an order for any reason. However, all electronic changes / refunds are replaced with products of the same or higher financial value.