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Welcome to our website 

The purpose of the operation of the is retail sale via the internet.

The owner of the e-shop is the company “SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI” based on Pantanassis Street 26 in Patras, ZipCode 26221. The TIN of the company is 111878429 and the competent tax office is the Third Chamber. This company's number is 147376916000. The contact numbers with the company are +30 2614009936 or to + 30 6943159951 and the contact e-mail is [email protected]

The present conditions of use govern transactions, purchases, refunds, consultancy services, the use of websites data, the protection of personal data and the security of the transactions of each user.

At your entry or registration on the is considered to be agreed and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions of use. Therefore please read this text carefully and if you disagree or disagree in the future with a part or all of the conditions, contact the

The website may amend the conditions of use without prior warning except for publication in the electronic store by indicating the date of amendment.

1. Intellectual property

The content of the website made up of texts, images, photographs, logos, trademarks and software, is the intellectual property of the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI company. Reproduction and use (total or partial) of the content for commercial purposes shall not be copied without the prior written consent of the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI company. Copying and storage in digital form (only on a personal computer not connected to a computer network) of information material and photographs is allowed in the case of personal and non-commercial use.

2. Restrictions on Conduct and Use

Users shall:

Not disclose material or, generally, the transactions carried out; do not induce the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company, penal, civil or administrative responsibility. It shall be prohibited to disclose an illegal, disturbing, defamatory, abusive, sinister, obnoxious, harmful, or any form of unacceptable material. They should in any case respect relevant Greek and European legislation and codes of practice.

Provide true personal data and delivery data for the products. The code (password) declared on the record is unique and personal and if it is found that it is stolen, users should immediately inform SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company. In case of any change in personal data, they should be informed immediately.

Not acquire unauthorized access to material and not store or disclose material protected by copyright without the consent of the beneficiary.

Not disclose material containing any form of advertising or promotion of goods or services.

Not disclose links leading to addresses other than

The SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company retains the right to refuse to disclose material which does not comply with the above rules or is considered prejudicial to its interests. For the same reasons, material which has already been made public may be deleted. In this case, users are requested not to try to re-disclose that material.

In the case of a non-compatible operation of a user, the operator of SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company is required to pay any form of compensation; the user in question is obliged to pay that sum to the company.

3. Limitation of Responsibility

The information content of the website Lilou Boutique consisting of texts, photographs and videos is based on the same sources and has been processed by specialized staff of the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company and posted on the website. If any problem arises, users are invited to immediately inform so as to check and correct the material.

3.1 Deficiency of availability

The  has a dynamic product range of 6,000 codes. Shipments shall be carried out within 1 to 3 days from the time of entry of the new order into the system. In very few cases where the above time limit cannot be met, customers are informed, in time, for possible delay giving the possibility of cancelling or modifying the order. In the case where some products are suspended in the electronic store, they are not available due to a more general shortage of suppliers or the abolition of their marketing in Greece or a reason of force majeure or bad weather conditions or for any reason it is not possible to arrive at, the company does not assume any responsibility.

3.2. Weakness in Provision of services

The shall make every effort to ensure that its services are available within the time limits and time limits laid down. However, it shall not take any responsibility in the event of a failure to fulfil any service due to the fault of the courier companies that cooperates, or a malfunctioning of the internet service provider, or the internet hosting provider or the provider of internet payments or the provider of telecommunications services.

3.3 Malicious software (malware)

The  in any case assumes responsibility for possible contamination by malicious software of user equipment. In any case it consists of your connection to the website to have valid and up-to-date antivirus software installed in your equipment.

3.4 Civil liability for loss of profits

Sales made relate to products intended for personal use. The does not assume any civil liability that you owe to loss of profits or loss of reputation and clientele.

4. Personal data

The collection and management of the personal data of users from the website, are subject to the following conditions as well as national, community and international law, on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data as in force.

Any future relevant legislation will be the subject of the present. The SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company retains the right to change part or all of the conditions for the management of personal data in accordance with the applicable legal framework. Therefore, the present conditions for the protection of personal data may be revised and updated at any time and without notice. Users of the website are invited to continuously check these conditions for any changes, as the continuous use of the electronic shop implies that they accept all possible amendments.

Personal data are the data that can be used to identify or communicate with one person. The personal data collected from depend on the service requested each time by the user and may be a name, surname, address, telephone, e-mail, age, sex. collects and processes personal data only when they voluntarily provide them for the following purposes:

  • -For the provision of (dispatch of products and advertising material).

  • -The promotion of products.

  • -Informing users of promotions and tenders.

  • -Informing users of new products.

  • -Informing users of various events participating or organised by 

  • -To obtain information from users concerning the experience of using the website, due to continuously improving it.

Any investigation has to do with the purpose of 

The director of the data collection and processing officer of the above data is exclusively the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company and the data shall be kept securely in equipment within the company's seat. may supply such data to a cooperating company only for the purpose of mechanical and statistical processing and in no circumstances may it channel them for any other reason. expressly states that it will not make available for sale or otherwise transmit or disclose personal details of users to third parties unrelated to the company without the consent of users, with the exception of the application of relevant legal requirements and to the competent and only authorities.

Each user shall have the right to fully access his personal data and to inform them of such processing. Also has the right at any time to correct, modify and erase the personal data.

5. Trade security

For the security of your trade, the SOTIROPOULOU EVAN. AGGELIKI Company on the website uses the SSL protocol with a 128bit encryption. In this way all your transactions, including your credit card number, are encrypted so that they cannot be read online. Digital certification is carried out by Verisign, which is the most reliable provider of global trade security.